legal  document  automation

Improve efficiency.   Satisfy clients.   Increase revenue.

document generation

Our solution automates the creation of documents of virtually any complexity. Interact with customers, collect client information, and generate documents based on custom business logic.

legal web portal

Engage existing clients and attract new customers through an advanced web portal.   Perform client intakes, automate document creation, collect payments and  securely collaborate.

estate planning ready

Our estate planning document vault contains attorney-drafted, time tested EP documents that are at your disposal and can readily be customized based upon your firm's needs.

affordable & scalable

Experience advanced document automation and virtual office technologies through an affordable Software-as-a-Service pricing model that any firm can afford.

virtual law office & document automation

improving efficiency. creating opportunities.

Client Portal

Create a self-service portal for your practice, engaging your clients in new and exciting ways. It's like a turn-key LegalZoom!


Customizable in any way, our virtual office portal can adapt to the unique needs and requirements of your practice.

Document Assembly

Capture the client details you require and automate the creation of documents of virtually any complexity.

Estate Planning Ready

EP documents that are ready and customizable for your practice: Trusts, Wills, POA, DPOA, HCS, Funding Letters, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Request a free consultation from one of our experts, and we will guide you through the simplistic process of launching and customizing our tool for your firm.  In no time at all, we'll create a secure web portal for your practice that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

The AnyWeb portal can be customized for your business in most any way. Our core built-in features are tailored one a case-by-case basis.

Document Automation:  Create intakes/interfaces to drive the creation of documents of any length or complexity.

Customer Web Portal:  Securely interact with your business, access resources, facilitate payments.

Document Scanning:  Rapid-scan functionality with barcodes, OCR, document archival / backup / sharing.

Yes, there is a secure web portal that your customers can use to perform a variety of customizable functions related to your business.



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